Thursday, 31 October 2013

Camera Work. Mrs Hammond As Media


Mrs Hammond Camera work

When doing this camera work I have chosen to show more than one camera effect
in a single clip I have done this so you are able to clearly see the transition from
one type of camera effect to another. I hope this is sufficient.

There are two types of camera angles low camera angles and high camera angles.
Below is an extract from an episode of  scrubs showing high and low camera angles.
The reason why high and low camera angles are used is to show the Nurse moaning
at the delivery man the creators of scrubs have done this to show a hierarchy
of the conversation and make it look like the nurse is almost a teacher and the
delivery man is a child being told off.


The next bit of camera work I am going to display is the shot distance of the camera
and how it goes from being a long shot to a mid shot to a close up and then into a extreme close up. A director might do this to show a character entering or exiting
a scene or after a Character has used a dramatic bit of dialogue. The clip I have used
is from a music video of a favourite band of mine the Arctic Monkeys the song is
called The View from the afternoon and was released in 2006.

The next camera effects that I am going to provide an example of is camera movement. There are 3 types of camera movement the Pan effect this is moving the camera from side to side and can be done by moving the camera from left to right or right to left. The tilt which is done by Moving the camera from a upward shot to a downward shot gradually or from a downward shot to a upward shot. The other camera effect that is achieved camera movement is the track this is were the camera tracks the movement of a character/person and adjusts to their movement for example if a character moved their arms the camera would track their arm movements. I have managed to find an example on all 3 camera movements in below. This clip is from another on of my favourite bands Crystal fighters and the song is called you and I.



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