Thursday, 5 September 2013

As media films

1. Now you see me 

Now you see me is a film that was released on May 31st 2013 the French-American Caper thriller film directed by the French director Louis Leterrier. The film includes an international cast.

The main reason why I wanted to got to the cinema to see this film is because of the film trailer I viewed whilst watching television at home. The film trailer made the film seem unique and different to the many cliche films that are being produced at the moment, not only this but the film contained several famous actors such as Morgan freeman who has played roles in several highly regarded films such as shawshank redemption and he is personally a favourite. Another factor which contributed to me going to watch Now you see me is the viewing times that were available, there was frequent viewing times throughout the day which made the movie more convenient to go and see.

Personally I enjoyed watching the film and thought that it contained excitement and thrills throughout. the main reason behind my enjoyment of the film is it constantly kept you guessing and to my surprise the movie took several unsuspecting turns. Although in my opinion the film lacked a structured and entertaining ending which was rather disappointing, considering the rest of the film was enjoyable and exciting.

Overall I would rate this film a 6.5 out of a possible 10.

2. Jack and Jill  

adam-sandler-jack-and-jill-zero-percent.jpgJack and Jill is a comedy based film on a love hate relationship between a twin brother and sister during the traditional thanks giving period in America, were twin sister Jill decides to stay a lot longer than first anticipated. Adam Sandler plays the roles of both twin siblings. the film was released on November the 11th in 2011 and was distributed by Columbia pictures.

The main reason why I wanted to go and see Jack and Jill is because Adam Sandler is possibly my favourite actor and I am a huge fan of the vast majority of all his films. From big daddy to grown ups, I have watched Adam Sandler films dating back from the early 1990's to 2013. Another main factor is the fact that Jack and Jill was featuring on Sky premiere which gave me the chance to watch it in the comfort of my own home, as unfortunately I did not go to the cinema to watch it when the movie was first released.

Surprisingly I did not enjoy this film whatsoever I found the story line of the film way too hard to relate to and thought the movie didn't really appeal to me whatsoever. Perhaps my dislike came from the fact that Adam Sandler Played both characters which became repetitive and tedious, Maybe if I would have gone to the cinema to watch it I would have enjoyed it more, as I would have been in a better movie watching environment. But overall I did not enjoy the movie whatsoever as it proved to be a great disappointment compared to some of the Adam Sandler classics.

Overall I would rate this film a 3 out of a possible 10.


Five Bands

1.)Bastille- For these young men their career is hot like "the things we lost in the fire fire fire".
2.)Little Comets-The indie band full of passion desire and a alternative sense of style.
3.)Mikill Pane- Up and coming rapper who loves his bicycles and shoes but don't blame miss barclay.
4.)Kanye West- Passionate "creator of music" who expresses himself in all the music he makes.
5.)Frank Ocean- A voice full of soul and desire that's placed in the hearts of many young romantics.

Five Films

1.)Step brothers- The Love, Hate and friendship between two strange step brothers it's Comedy Gold.
2.)Waterboy- A geeky water boy with a stutter discovers his incredible talent to play Football
3.)Black Hawk Down- Crash Landing, Gun Shooting, US military thriller.
4.)Blood diamond- The sparkly action thriller featuring homicide survival and innocent by standers
5.)Fast and Furious 6- The speedy sequel made me want to drive faster than the speed limit.  

Five TV shows/series

1.)Bad Education- Hilarious Comedy staring Jack Whithall, I wish my college was like that.
2.)Geordie Shore- The Newcastle Folk showing how they party.contains disturbing scenes.
3.)Keeping up with the Kardashians- Following the life of the Kardashian family step by step.
4.)Storage Hunters- Embarrassingly my favourite TV programme makes me want to be a historian.
5.)Two and a half men- Funny Comedy staring charlie sheen and his unsuccessful brother.

Five Songs

1.) If you got the money- Jamie T- A cool guy with an amazing voice discussing his lack of money.
2.) A matter- Foo Fighters- A rock and roll song with a incredible guitarist not normally my taste.
3.) Angels- The XX- A incredibly slow song that makes me feel like I'm drowning in a pool of water.
4.) Hey there Delilah- Plain white Ts- A classic song that makes all the single people out there weep.
5.) I here voices- Kasabian- Definitely a blood pumping song that gets your heart racing.

Five Books

1.) Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone J K Rowling- Quite simply, I want to be a wizard.
2.) Gerrard: My Autobiography It's a very passionate book wrote by a absolute legend.
3.) The Walking Dead Book 2- The Zombie apocalyptic horror was a truly interesting read.
4.) Killing Kennedy The End of Camelot Bill O'Reilley- A Historical in depth study about JFK.
5.) Nate Jackson slow getting up- A rise from the bottom to the top for this American footballer.


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