Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mrs Hammond work on connotations and denotations

1st logo Apple Logo:- The first logo is an apple logo, the apple logo stands for a American company that designs, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers the actually logo itself has the connotation of an apple which you eat this is because Steve jobs used to work in a apple Field in the younger years of his life. Some people in the community may not be able to understand that the apple logo is in fact the logo for the company apple for example if you asked a little child what the symbol was they would simply say an apple this is also the case for people who be distant from banding and computerised products 
2nd logo Citroen logo:- The second logo is a Citroen logo. the company Citroen is a car manufacturing company founded by a french industrialist. Citroen was the first mass production car company outside of the USA. the Citroen badge/logo will appear on any car that is made by the company. Also many people may not recognise the Citroen logo as not all people in the world drive and even some country's that do have automobiles may not recognise this sign as they may not be up to date with the latest car trends or brands for example Cuba is a country were the majority of the cars are old American cars that have been brought by the Cuban government and as Citroen is a European company country's and contentment's outside Europe may not recognise or understand the meaning of the logo. Lastly the colour of the Citroen logo could connote the colour of metal which is what is used to make cars.

3rd logo Gender logo:- The 3rd Symbol represents the symbol for a male organism these symbols come from astrological symbols denoting the classic planets mars and Venus. the symbols have been used since the renaissance. they were first use to denote the gender of plants. Some people may not know what this logo means as they could be uneducated or simply have a lack of knowledge about this gender symbol when a male symbol and a female symbol are together this connotation is the connotation of making love.

4th logo McDonalds logo:- The 4th symbol is the denotation for the fast food chain McDonalds its connotes the biggest food chain in the world that serves 69 million people a day. the golden arches are used to connote a warm and welcoming sign not only this but to symbolise the two Donald brothers that established the food chain. Whenever anybody sees this logo they instantly realise that it represents food although they may be a few people in the world that don't know what the red background and the golden M stand for this is most likely going to be people who live out of everyday civilisation for example a tribe. Despite this MC Donald's have restaurants in over 120 country's in the world.

5th logo Washing sign :- the warning sign is found in the labels of most clothing it denotes that the item of clothing cannot be ironed. the logo connotes that it cannot be ironed by placing a big black cross over the iron. the no ironing sign is in black because it is always found on white labels as the sign and writing is printed onto the t-shirts.

6th logo No/Not Allowed logo:- The 6th logo denotes that something is prohibited and not allowed it connotes danger as there is a red line through a red circle, red relates to the colour of danger this sign is often used when potentially bad things can happen if you do not respect what's being said for example a road sign can connote that there are no u turns on this road this may be because on coming cars won't see the driver turning and a crash could be created. The Majority of people will understand what this sign stands for apart from a few exceptions and maybe people from different country's who have different signs for different meanings.

7th logo Male/Female logo :- This logo denotes that there is a certain difference/ divide in males and females for example this logo is mostly used to symbolise male and female toilets. you normally come across this sign on a door the sign is normally a bold plain colour so it stands out so people can see the sign on different colour backgrounds.

8th logo Rolling stones logo :- This logo stands for and denotes the well known and idolised heavy meta rock band the rolling stone the logo connotes the band themselves and it represents them as a whole its red because it relates to the type of music they play for example the colour red connotes something being dangerous loud and bad and as the rolling stones are a rock bad it is Incorporated well.

9th logo The Olympic rings:- The logo stands for the Olympics its the coming together or different countries and continents the different colour rings connote this, they also connote a togetherness feeling as they are linked. but the normal denotation of this is in fact the Olympic pretty. this logo would be very common in the world as the majority of country's take part in the Olympics.
10th logo pawnbroker:- it is a pawnbroker logo that secures and offers loans to people. the word pawn is derived from the Latin pingus for pledge, and the items having been pawned to the broker. the 3 worlds connotes the togetherness and as each of the worlds are slightly different it could connote the variety that the pawnbrokers offer i.e. swapping different possessions for money.
11th logo woolmark logo :- is the logo that represents the trademark owned by the Australian Wool Innovation Limited. this logo donates woolmark. this is the trademark to be used by affiliated vendors on their products as an assurance that the product conforms to a set of standards that have been produced by the organisation. The shape of the logo connotes a cycle that's everlasting which could be related to the company and the fact that it provides everlasting service meaning they won't let you down.
12th logo Union Jack flag :- The Union jack logo denotes Great Britain and all of the countries in Britain this is England Scotland and Ireland the flag connotes all of the countries in Britain in one which shows that they are together as one which connotes that they are all in fact one.
13th logo Star of David :- The star of David  in Hebrew denotes the shield of David. this connotes the recognisable symbol of Judaism the sign has been used since the 17th century and was placed on the uniform of Jews in concentration camps in world war 2
14th logo the scales of justice :- The scales of justice connotes that everything must be fair that's why they are scales that are evenly weighted because justice must always be fair. the denotation of this photo is quite simply some scales that represent justice.  

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