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The Kings Speech

The Kings speech 

About the film 

The Kings Speech is a 2010 British historical drama that was directed by Tom Hooper, and written David Seildler. The film was produced by the UK Film council, See- Saw films and Bedlam productions and distributed by Monumentum Pictures and The Weinstein Company. The main character in the Kings Speech is Colin Firth who plays the part of King George VI. King George VI had a stutter in which he sees an speech therapist where they become great friends. The new King relies on his speech therapist to help him make his first wartime radio broadcast as George VI's brother has recently taken over the throne.

The Kings speech was Released in the United Kingdom on 7 January 2011, The King's Speech was a major box office and critical success. On a budget of £8 million, the kings speech earned over 400 million ($414,211,549) internationally (£250 million). It was widely praised by film critics for its visual style, art direction, and acting. Other Critics praised it's representation of historic detail. 

The Kings speech many awards and nominations, particularly for Colin Firth's performance where he received the golden globe award for best actor. The King's Speech won seven British Academy Film Awards, including Best Picture, and Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress. The film also won four Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. 

Case Study the Kings speech 

Tom Hooper’s “The King’s Speech” offers a case study in how the indie film sector can harness opportunity in the global film biz and move quickly, even in times of economic hardship and without the help of a major Hollywood studio

The wide amount of UK mainstream media doesn't normally pay much attention to cinema box office but the kings speech was an exception the distributor Monumentum pictures had their expectations exceeded as it made an incredible £3.52 million in the opening weekend of its release. comparing the King's speech to other British films on there opening weekend is evidence that the Kings speech managed to find a niche in the market as slum dog millionaire made £1.83 million, calendar girls made £1.88 million and Atonement made £1.63million. When The Kings speech was released it lost some screening time to the New York Met opera's production. 

One of the main reasons why The Kings speech was praised by many critics was because of the realism of the way in which the film fits in with the historical events that happened in genre (1930-1940)
the kings speech includes 4 major events that happened during the period that the film is set in these are  The death of George V in 1936, the first monarch to address his subjects via the radio, the accession to the throne of Edward VIII and lastly the outbreak of war in 1939. The only fault of the film is were King George VI during the build up to the Second World War, uses a type font which was not designed until 20 years later. Cinemagoers see a BBC control room with the names of broadcast stations around the world but the signs are in Helvetica, which was not available until the late 1950s.Other faults picked by the public include women wearing hosiery without seams when seamless stockings did not arrive until later; a frustrated king throwing down his speech only for it to reappear in his hand the next second; and the use of a plastic model biplane when the ones of the time were wooden.The film also features a Tiger Moth plane with a registration which did not exist until 1941 and refers to the now Queen's younger sister as "Princess Margaret" when she was known throughout her childhood as "Princess Margaret Rose".The Kings speech was praised by both Americans and People from the UK because it shows the way in which the UK acted in a time of war which both America and Britain are involved in it appeals to a wide variety of people throughout a generation.

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