Thursday, 12 December 2013

Representations of media

The clip that I have chosen which I believe represents me and other young men around the world is the inbetweeners movie trailer. For the first time this year me and my closest friends will be going on a lads holiday to Zante. The whole of the film represents the journey of 4 young men going on a Lads holiday together before they all go their separate ways. The film revolves around one key theme this is the opposite sex, all four of the Lads Simon, Neil, Jay, will. The film is trying to show the stereotypical late teenager on what they get up to on a 'lads' holiday away from their parents. the film also indicates the true friendship between the boys, as during one scene Jay and Simon have a row, and began to rebel towards each other, true friendship and love is shown throughout the film as the two boys work through their problems together, this represents the late teenage male gender as spending a lot of time with each other in small environments can cause conflicts between the group/friends. the film shows a true understanding of a night out or in this case a holiday, as over excessive amount of alcohol is consumed, and this can also lead to other things such as drugs, the film shows the effects of alcohol and how late male teens are unable to cope with excessive drinking, this is due to many males not knowing their limits to alcohol, resulting them not making it through the night, (passing out) and also performing stupid stunts. The film also represents the importance of appearance in a late male teens life, as males like to look and smell unique and  smart to try and attract the opposite sex. The films represents the 4 boys to start growing up and taking control of their own lives, this is shown by them being away from their parents in a foreign country, and trying to control their own money and not to overspend. This shows the typical independence that late teenage male needs before becoming a fully grown man, as many late teens still rely on their parents for money, and such things in life. 

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